Tzolkin Calendar

The Tzolkin Calendar is comprised of simple constants and easy to remember in a system that combines 13 tones and 20 energies. These circumstances have 260 days, soles or kin, units that comprise the entire array sorted in 52 chance of directional position (260 / 5 addresses.)

The 13 numbers (13 tones) represent basic patterns of radiant energy; are represented by a numerical system additive. The numbers are written with dots and dashes. The point has a value of 1 and line 5. Each of the thirteen tones has a particular name that summarizes its action.
The 20 energies are frequency ranges for the transformation or evolution of each of these tones.

Concluding that each day will be impregnated with different energy, influencing the actions of the beings of nature. Thus, people are born with different potential energy as prevailing in this important moment in our lives. Each power and tone gives meaning to everyday experience and the mission carried out by each person on planet Earth.


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